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The First EVER "Build-Your-Own" Online Advertising Business Program by Danny Tran.
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A complete program on how to find paying clients, generate results, & how to fully scale your business.

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This course is for you if...

You want to find local businesses who pay you like clockwork every single month…
You want to get results for any client so people are lining up outside your door to hire you…
You want to grow your business from $0 to $10,000/month in record time and automating it...
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What you will learn.

Side A
Secrets to landing any local business as a paying client.
01. Bullseye client prospecting
The exact tools, strategies and resources to get in touch with ready-to-buy business owners. Use methods to discover new potential clients that are ready to say “YES” to your services in the next TEN MINUTES.
02. Client magnet
The exact strategies and plug-and-play scripts to attract any business owner to want to work with you. Know exactly what to say to get business owners DYING to want to work with you immediately.
03. Client landing briefcase
The complete step-by-step process, scripts, documents and proposals to convert any business into a paying client. Get the exact “A-Z” process to sign on new clients who are willing to pay you $2-4K every single month in any industry.
04. The deal closer
All the "how-to's" onn pitching your services, presentations, sales call and turning every conversation into hard cash. Learn how to properly stand out from 99% of other marketers and successfully close every thousand dollar deal you come across, stealing all of your competitor's clients.
Bonus. Attraction marketing
The expert secrets to get you from zero to a six figure business in record time. The zero-cost tactics to scale your business to 6-figures with little to no work while you vacation and travel around the world.
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Side B
How to build a 6-figure advertising campaign from scratch.
01. FB & IG Ads mastery
Get the complete "A to Z" breakdown on setting up, creating campaigns and running your own Facebook and InstagramAds. Get step-by-step guidance on how to create your own highly profitable Facebook Ads while spending only a few hours a week managing them from anywhere in the world.
02. Traffic to customers
Create systems that bring in customers on demand without any technical or design skill. Learn how to bring boatloads of customers to any business, getting you paid thousands of dollars consistently every single month.
03. The chain reaction
The stop-by-step process to set up and run automated messages to bring even more customers for your clients. Set up automated processes to save you and your future clients hundreds of HOURS every single month, freeing up your time from unnecessary tasks.
04. 24/7 virtual assistant
How to fully automate and manage all of your client's results while never lifting a finger. Create a robust and reliable around-the-clock system that works for you even while you are sleeping on the beach from across the world.
05. bullseye targeting
Learn the secrets on how to target any person you want with your campaigns. Develop strategies to find and target specific individuals online, bringing more DOLLARS into yours and your future client's pockets.
06. Zero to hero formula
All the step-by-step tatics i use to fix any campaign turning it into an endless "cash cow". Create unique campaigns to keep your clients longer, make more money over time, and doing it without learning anything new.
Bonus. Ninja hacks
The never-been-shared tips on running next level Facebook Ads. Get EXPERT SECRET strategies that none of your competitors know about, allowing you to keep your clients and getting paid forever.
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The 8 bonuses you will receive.

bonus 1
Templates, Scripts, Presentations & Proposals
Get the EXACT Step-By-Step Templates, Scripts, Presentations and Proposals i use for my Business that are proven to work for any of your future clients.
$997 Value
bonus 2
Real-Time Client Campaign Walkthroughs
See the ENTIRE breakdown of the full Creation Process from start to finish. So you can build any campaign from scratch and fix any issues with your process.
$997 Value
bonus 3
Exclusive Student Mastermind Community
Private student Mastermind Group with regular coaching calls e LIVE Q/As To Answer any questions any time you get frustrated or get stuck.
$997 Value
bonus 4
24/7 Access To Private Student Group Chat
Invite-Only Group Chat with other students in the Community. To address any concerns and giving you immediate support any time you need help.
$997 Value
bonus 5
Top Converting Templates, Ads & Offer Package
The EXACT website Templates, Ad examples, and full offer Sheet that i use for all of my Clients. That have been tested to convert saving you of wasted hours and Dollars.
$1497 Value
bonus 6
Client Attracting Website Template
A fully set up Website Template to plug & play for your Business. Giving you the social proof and credibility needed to sign on new paying clients every time.
$1497 Value
bonus 7
1-On-1 Problem & Answer Call for Campaign fixing
A Private Review Session with my Team to break down and fix your entire advertising campaign. To help keep your clients longer and generate better results.
$997 Value
bonus 8
1-On-1 Private Business Strategy Call
1-on-1 PRIVATE strategy phone call with my In-House Team. We'll help you strategize and fix any issues preventing your business from growing quickly.
$997 Value
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Real success stories.


I'm Danny Tran.

I’m a 27 year old digital marketer, consultant and serial entrepreneur. I currently run Highstoke Media, a full-force digital marketing agency that helps businesses generate more customers and sales through paid advertising. Over the past two years, we've coached 800+ agency owners, partnered with hundreds of businesses, managed over $2 million in advertising spend and generated multiple 7-figures for our brands and clients to-date. Nowadays, I travel the world full-time building businesses through digital marketing while serving worldwide clients in over 15 countries.
Danny T.

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Complete Client Takeover Course
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Frequently asked questions.

Will This Program Work Amidst The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Situation?
Great question! Short answer is YES! Most businesses are now forced to close and are struggling to keep their doors open. Most advertisers have also stopped which gives you a major opportunity to reach more people at cheaper costs. In fact, we launched a "How To Corona-Proof Your Business" training recently and you will be receiving it FOR FREE when you join the program today.
What's The Huge Opportunity With This Program?
Simple. You're looking to pay your bills, replace your income, and get financial security right? That means you have to sell a valuable product or service. Who typically has expendable cash and wants to invest into a service? Business owners who want to GROW their business. So what do we sell them? MORE CUSTOMERS. Every business in the world needs more customers to survive. We essentially are selling them a marketing service that is able to bring more customers month-after-month (which gets you paid every month).
I Can't Afford This Program. Are There Any Payment Plans?
Yes! We offer a very affordable 3 month plan. With the highly discounted one-time price of $997, that’s less than $3/day for a year (literally a cup of coffee). If you’re not willing to invest that into yourself, but say you’re “willing to do what it takes to be successful”… then this program might not be the best fit. Our motto is sacrifice for what you want or what you want becomes the sacrifice!
Who is This Program For?
This program is for up and coming entrepreneurs (and even those who are experienced in the digital marketing world) who are looking to start their own advertising business. This course also applies to business owners who want to learn new strategies to grow their business. If you’re looking to get into digital marketing, learn how to master social media, land local businesses as paying clients and bringing them more customers, this program is for you.
How Much Work Do I Actually Have To Do?
There’s obviously going to be work involved. There is no such thing as a “get rich quick” scheme. Your results will be completely dependent on you work ethic and efforts. Much like a class, we can give you a textbook with all the answers to a test, but if you never show up to class or do any of the assignments, it'd be fairly difficult for you to pass. With that said, we've laid out a completely easy-to-follow roadmap for you to take action on every step of the way.
How Long Will It Take Me To Finish The Course?
There are a series of videos, guides, walkthroughs and resources in the program and should take you, on average, a few weeks to finish. With that said, there are students who have completed the course in a few days and some in a month. You can take the course entirely on your own time and at your own pace! The flexibility has allowed for past students to do this part time as they had other full time obligations such as work and school.
How Long Will It Take Until I Start Making Money From The Course?
Your results is completely dependent on your personal efforts and work ethics. We've had students who landed paying clients in a single day and others who spent more time learning and took a few weeks. Think of this program as a personal training program. If you show up, do all the required exercises, follow the steps and be CONSISTENT with your efforts, you'll see results. But if you don't stick to the program and expect overnight success to be handed over to you without doing any work, this program (or any for that matter) will not be for you.
How Much Time Do I Need To Dedicate To My Clients?
Most of the time will be spent prospecting and closing new clients. Building out a campaign should take a few hours at most. After that, it's smooth sailing from there. Most clients campaigns will just require daily monitoring which shouldn't take you more than a few hours a week.
What If This Program Is Not For Me?
We have a 14-day money back guarantee. Try it out for a few days and if it’s not something you find value in after applying the work, reach out to our support team and we can help you out. With that said, don't invest into the program "just for kicks" or if you are not serious. We don't want to waste your time and we definitely don't want to waste ours. We want to work with only serious and motivated individuals who truly believe in the program and the success it can bring.
I’m Very Skeptical Because I’ve Bought Other Courses That Didn’t Work... What Makes This Different?
Simple. We don’t leave you out in the cold. Not only does this include an online program that you take on your own time, you also get first-hand coaching once you join. You get invited to a private mastermind group and chat with my team and other students. Your bonus also includes 1-on-1 sessions to help coach you every step of the way. We do our best to hold your hand every step of the way and helping you hit your goals. Check out our testimonials to see past success of students who started with absolutely zero experience.
I Don’t Know Anything About Digital Marketing. Can I Still Take This Course?
YES! Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a complete beginner in this space, this program has a complete step-by-step roadmap that addresses every single problem that may come up. My team and student community has worked extremely hard to make sure of that! Not to mention all the help and coaching that you will receive along the way. Most people who join the program have zero experience with digital marketing, running paid ads, communicating with business owners or even sales. We provide step by step processes and even advanced ninja strategies for the more experienced individuals.
Will I Learn How To Create And Run Facebook & Instagram Ads?
Absolutely! You will learn everything from A to Z on how to create winning Facebook and Instagram Ads! Keep in mind that Facebook and Instagram Ads are just one piece of the bigger puzzle. You will also be learning everything you need to know to build a highly successful advertising campaign for ANY client in ANY industry (including email marketing, text message marketing, relationship management, communication, sales, and much more)!
What Platform Do You Use To Build Out The Landing Page / Funnel?
In most of the strategies taught, we will be using the platform ClickFunnels. It has what we have found to be the most comprehensive and successful tool to be using in this type of business. With that said, if you are using other platforms such as LeadPages, Buiderall, etc., the strategies applied in the course will be exactly the same. If you have no experience with any of these, not to worry as we will walk you through step by step.
I’m Not Very Technically Skilled. Will This Be A Problem?
Absolutely not! Most of the things we use have extremely low learning curves. In addition to that, there are step-by-step guides included to help set up every thing needed for your success! We also have a private group and chat so you can ask questions anytime you get stuck with anything.
Will The Course Work For E-Commerce Clients Or Local Business Only?
This course was specifically designed for getting and servicing local business clients. With that said, there are students who have taken the learnings and landed a few e-commerce clients on their own. If you're looking to ONLY work with e-commerce clients, I'll be honest and suggest that you look elsewhere for a more relatable course. But if local businesses are your main focus, there's absolutely no reason why you can't take the lessons learned in this program and apply the principles to other types of clients in the future.
Can I Only Work With Businesses In My Area/City?
Absolutely not! The beauty of having an online business is that you can do everything digitally. All communication is usually done online via email/phone/video chats. You can have clients from anywhere around the world as long as you have a working internet connection! We are now in over 15 countries and have students working from around the world and even with international clients!
I Get Very Nervous When Talking To People. Is This An Issue For Closing Deals?
While having sales skills is a plus, it’s definitely something you can pick up very quickly. I personally struggled with a lot of anxiety when starting out, so I know what it feels like! To help with this, there are scripts, templates, proposals, presentations, and guides included to help you with every single aspect with this process. Trust me, you got this! All the magic will happen when we break out of your comfort zone together. :)
Is There Ongoing Support For When I Need Extra Help?
Of course! You will have private access to our private student mastermind group as well as our 24/7 group chat with other members to get any support or questions answered immediately. Not to mention we have weekly Question & Answer Coaching calls to address any remaining concerns you may have.
I Tend To Get Lost And Have Endless Questions. Can I Still Take This Course?
Absolutely! In addition to a step-by-step program and student groups, your bonus includes private 1-on-1 sessions with my team to answer any remaining questions you have!
How Long Do I Have Access To The Program?
You will have LIFETIME ACCESS to the program. This means you can revisit it 10 years from now and still have the same exclusive access as today.
Will There Be Updated Content As Strategies And Platforms Change?
You sure will! The digital landscape is always changing. As soon as a strategy or method gets outdated, the relevant content will be updated accordingly.
Is This Course Still Applicable For International Countries Outside The U.S.?
Absolutely! The strategies and methods taught in the program can be applied anywhere. There are a ton of international students inside the program who are crushing it so far! We are now proudly in over 15 countries as of 2020!

What our students are saying.

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